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Harmony Wealth Management LLC

Harmony Wealth Management LLC is a comprehensive wealth management firm, providing clients with comprehensive financial planning and investment managment services. It’s our mission to build a long term trusted relationship with clients, family, and friends  by providing the education and assistance in creating personalized financial plans that will lead to a diversified asset allocation that is managed and rebalanced over time to maintain and grow their wealth to achieve their desired financial goals and needs.

Educated Investors= successful investors

the team

Why I started Harmony Wealth Management LLC

“Starting my own independent wealth management firm is going to allow me to work with clients  in a more holistic relationship by building a long term plan to meet their financial goals and needs without the conflict of interest that can be found among financial advisors at brokerage firms.”  “As an independent financial advisor, I will be acting as a fiduciary and putting their interest above all else.”  “Through Harmony Wealth Management LLC, I will be able to continue in my belief of the importance of educating clients through meetings, workshops, and seminars on topics such as financial planning, behavioral finance, markets, and the economy which I have championed over the years.” “I believe the more I can work hand in hand in educating the clients, the better the trusted relationship will be between me and the clients leading to better outcomes in achieving their desired financial goals and needs.” “Educated Investors = Successful Investors”

Meet the Advisor


Scott Pederson

Owner, Wealth Manager

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